That will be the site for us to communicate with one another and help in group formation. This site will be primarily a reference site for documentation and data until it is once again formatted to a more usable format. For those registered here, go to serioussurvivors.com and register there also for the actual social and commenting aspects of meeting others and forming groups.


Here is the Preppers Checklist Excel document. It will hopefully help get things organized and efficient.

Prepper Checklist

UAP/UFO Official Report



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Discussion and Talk

Join the discussions on various topics dealing with the Apocalypse, SHTF, WROL and general survival!



Environmental Survival

This section focuses on the many skills necessary to survive in wilderness, forest, woodland, mountainous, desert and arctic regions.

This is a wide range of subject matter and we believe that the proper skill sets are required for any hope of long term survival. We go into detail on many methods and skills that will not only aid ytou as an individual, but as a group also.

Long Term Survival
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Urban - City Survival

This section will focus on necessary skills, gear and a proper mindset for surviving in a city or urban environment after an apocalyptic event or major catastrophe that has long term implications.

Discussed here are factors that should be considered for urban survival whether you decide to Bug Out or Bug In.

Urban Survival

Firearms & Ammo

This section discusses on the various types of firearms and ammunition on the market.

This will feature many reviews and articles about firearms, along with safety topics, cleaning, maintenance, repair, upgrades and much more.

Ammunition is critical and a wealth of information can be found here on that subject. Reloading ammunition will also be detailed and many manuals and resources for load data and such is provided here.

Self Defense - Unarmed Combat

This section will focus on unarmed self defense methods and training.

This is a skill that's hard to learn over the internet, but is a skill that should be acquired and practiced on a regular basis. We will discuss the various types or styles of self defense, and point out the benefits and differences in each fighting style. This will help point you int he right direction when beginning this type of training.

Knives & Archaic Weapons

Here you will find multiple product reviews, information, details of usage, tips, discussions and much more on the various types of hand held archaic or simple weapons.

From knives to bows and crossbows.  Spears, daggers, swords, slings, slingshots, and much more. This section focuses on all types of weapons that can be purchased and even made yourself. Tips from true professionals will help you better your skills and abilities with these basic weapon types.

Gear & Supplies

This section focuses on and discusses various types of gear and supplies. This section will include product reviews and more.

Skills are necessary for survival, but gear can definitely make it easier and more comfortable. And not to mention, gear will also increase your chances for survival dramatically.

Gear & Supplies

First Aid & Medical

This section will focus on the need for proper first aid training and the necessity of appropriate first aid and medical gear. Many different aspects of these skills are detailed here along with many valuable sources for free download.  This is a lengthy section and there are many helpful articles and topics that can not only aid in training, but can also point out the various topics that an individual may find the areas they need to hone or better prepare in.

This is an absolutely necessary topic.

First Aid

Edible - Toxic - Medicinal Plants & Vegetation

This section documents and describes many of the things that nature provides us to assist in survival. We cover Medicinal, Edible and Toxic plants and other vegetation that one may encounter in a survival situation. This is not just a wilderness or forest type of environment that is discussed, as plants and such are also commonly found in Urban environments.

There are also many naturally occurring items that are highly toxic, so understanding the difference between these and being able to recognize these is a major benefit and can be a life saver in dire situations.

Edible-Toxic-Medicinal Vegetation

Various Hazards & Psychological Tendencies

This section will focus on many things that may not necessarily fall into a specific category, yet are essential to understand and recognize in survival situations.

Also here, various psychological tendencies, effects and recognition is discussed. It is important to recognize the signs and dangers that can be associated with certain types of mental illnesses. Whether it is a problem that occurs after SHTF or is pre-existing, knowing how to deal with these problems is a tremendous benefit and can actually be the difference between helping someone and having to resort to alternative actions.

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Serious Survivor

We hope you enjoy the site and find the information helpful and intuitive. This site strives to bring as many techniques, tactics, skills and information as possible. All topics discussed and presented here are thoroughly researched and verified. Mixing the old with the new, the categories will feature tips, skills, advice and techniques tried and true throughout time and tested by seasoned professionals. The goal of Serious Survivor is to bring the greatest amount of knowledge and information to those who seek it, and to help build the necessary skills in order to survive in any situation you may find yourself in.

The skills and topics discussed here are for the benefit of everyone who visits this page. We do not sell products here, we simply offer the most informative articles and discussions possible. From product reviews and discussion to just about every aspect of survival imaginable.

We do not limit our information to just one topic, we like to open discussions on many types of subjects from everything related to survival all the way to the psychological aspects of an apocalyptic  scenario.

Life can throw us a curve ball from time to time, and we should be ready. No one can be prepared for absolutely anything than can happen. But, you can prepare for most.

We encourage everyone to join in on the discussions and blogs already available, and to start your own discussions. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the information.


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