Urban Survival

Urban survival can be a difficult task. Some urban environments are troublesome to say the least even during times of supposed peace. The aspect of Urban survival during an SHTF and/or WROL event or scenario that will make survival extremely difficult is simply the population factor. The higher the population density, then the lower the chances of a quiet escape or safe bug in.  There is the fact that there are more people in one square block in a city such as New York or similar, than in some entire counties in a more rural environment. If you have a statistical mind, then imagine that only 1% of the general population would be an immediate or imminent threat to your safety. That 1% of the population that would intentionally harm you or take advantage of the lawlessness of a WROL time, would probably be only a few people in a several square mile radius in a rural environment, and would be tremendously less by sheer numbers comparison. Because, in a heavily populated area. that same 1% of the people close by would be a much larger overall number of persons that look to do you harm. The numbers don't lie.

To prepare for an apocalyptic event or a disaster of epic proportions or even financial collapse or military takeover, one has to take into account a vast amount of possibilities and numerous amounts of unforeseen factors that can occur when surrounded by a huge population. The more people, the more factors, the more chaos...will all contribute to an escape and evade or hide and wait situation that has more potential for the unexpected to occur and obstruct your original plan or plans.

Improvisation is one key ability and skill that falls into the 'can't survive without' category. One has to be able to adapt to unexpected delays or occurrences that put a halt to the first plan of action. To improvise effectively, another skill must be possessed. That is Perception and Situational Awareness. One must be able to observe, determine threat levels, recognize situations that could lead to ambush and attack, recognizing the layout of the terrain you are in, determining points of cover - concealment - fall back positions, assess whether the risk is worth the reward, and much more.

These skill sets require knowledge. Knowledge is the key, without knowledge and training....everything is simply guess work. And guessing can get you killed.

Stealth tactics should be understood and developed, escape & evasion skills, directional awareness, ambush detection, counter ambush techniques, enemy assessment, alternate route selection, land navigation, scavenging and locating, alternative thinking, ingenuity, at least some combat (both hand 2 hand, knife & weapons, and firearms), and patience.

All of these skills and more will be discussed in detail and each category broken down along with tutorials, videos, documents, manuals and guides. There will be many excellent resources and articles below. Also, many suggestions from seasoned professionals, military, law enforcement, farmers, fighters, and more. At Serious Survivor we bring the best in knowledge and training along with the most survival downloads anywhere on the internet. Thanks!

Apocalypse Tips Series Videos

Urban Survival Series

These are some videos that are great resources for learning the basics of Urban Survival. They discuss gear that will be helpful and could even save your life. Remember...gear is great, and can help make survival easier. But it is no substitute for training and skills. Yous skills will never fail you and they will never break, get lost/stolen, or go away. Knowledge is Strength!

Knowledge to Survive…Skills to Thrive