Long Term Food Supply

This section discusses the different types of long term food supplies available.

Having a long term food supply is one of the most common means of preparation. Most people realize that food and water are two of the most precious commodities in any situation, especially an emergency or life altering event. These food supplies can be found at reasonable prices from many different retailers and whole sellers. There are many different brands on the market, so do your research first as to what will be the best for you and your group or family. I will discuss the various brands here and detail not only price and quantity information, but also quality and nutrition information.

These are the factors, in random order,  to consider when determining the long term food types that you would like to store:

  1. Longevity & Durability
  2. Quality & Taste
  3. Nutrition
  4. Storage Capability
  5. Price
  6. Serving Size


Longevity & Durablity

This is how long does the food last, and is it stored in durable, watertight, airtight and light proof containers.  When storing food it is important to understand that the environmental factors in which you live can drastically affect the longevity of your chosen food supply. Most Freeze Dried Food stays pretty well, but extreme changes in temperature and humidity can ruin a supply if proper measures have not been taken. Just be aware that heat and moisture, especially when combined, are food killers for these types of products. Constantly exposing your supply to drastic changes in temperature and moisture, will ruin even the heartiest of freeze dried foods.




So what exactly is Freeze Drying?


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