Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Serious Survivor does not sell products or gear. This site does offer many product reviews and suggestions for gear and supplies. Any recommendations or reviews of gear and supplies is based solely on the performance, quality and affordability of the gear being evaluated. We don't test gear for profit, we test it for knowledge and to help people determine which gear is best suited for their skill sets. There are many links and references provided to companies that have well established track records of tested and proven gear and supplies.

Will Serious Survivor test particular gear or brands upon request?

Yes. If a particular piece of gear or equipment is requested, we will do our best to evaluate that gear and post the results on the site or our YouTube Channel, Serious Survivor.

Do you Give away gear?

Yes, we give many pieces of gear and equipment to our subscribers on the site and on our YouTube Channel, Serious Survivor.

Do you have customer service?

Yes, we will answer any emails on any subject in a timely manner and provide the best service possible.

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