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Our Approach


Welcome to the Channel. Serious Survivor is ex-military, US Navy EOD mu6. We are skilled in Wilderness, Urban, Desert and Arctic survival tactics and trained in Urban and other environment forms of defense and combat. The skills and topics discussed here are for the benefit of everyone who visits this page. We do not sell products here, we simply offer the most informative articles and discussions possible. From product reviews and discussion to just about every aspect of survival imaginable.

We do not limit our information to just one topic, we like to open discussions on many types of subjects from everything related to survival all the way to the psychological aspects of an apocalyptic  scenario.

Life can throw us a curve ball from time to time, and we should be ready. No one can be prepared for absolutely anything than can happen. But, you can prepare for most.

We encourage everyone to join in on the discussions and blogs already available, and to start your own discussions. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the information.

Our Story

Our Story

This began as simply skills that we learned as youth in the southeastern states of America. Through the years and with vast amounts of various training, we believe Serious Survivor Channel has accumulated a knowledge base and skill set that will benefit anyone who chooses to study the material and train in their skills. Our goal is not to sell merchandise or items, but to evaluate, demonstrate and help those with questions find the appropriate gear and skills necessary to survive in any situation. We are about knowledge and skills here.

Knowledge is Strength, and Training is the Key to success.

Serious Survivor

Why? Because people want to know everything necessary to survive in any environment. It's a human thing.





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