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Make sure to check out the downloads available on this page for every type of reloading instruction manuals, data sheets, advanced data, brand specific manuals, and handbooks of every kind. This section of downloads has more reloading downloads than any site on the internet.....for every brand of manufacturer, powder, bullet type, case type and for bot the beginner and all the way to the most experienced and advanced loaders. 

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Reloading Ammunition


Reloading ammo is the absolute best way to obtain the most accurate ammunition for your personal or professional weapon or firearm. Reloading for some is a hobby, for others is a necessity and for some is the only process they will use and will simply not fire store bought ammo from their firearm. It is true: "The most accurate bullet you will ever fire in your lifetime, is one reloaded from a case fired once from your firearm."

There is truth in that statement. Consider the process that occurs when a bullet is fired. When the hammer or striker pin hits the primer, a small "explosion' occurs which in turn ignites the powder at a very fast rate. This ignition resembles an explosion, but is much more controlled and on a less intense level. When the powder is ignites, the resulting energy pushes or forces the bullet down the barrel and out of the weapon. In a perfect scenario, all of the energy would be used in propelling the bullet through and out of the barrel. But, in reality, a lot of energy is wasted by expanding the brass case. The energy expands the case to the nearly exact shape of the chamber of the firearm you are using. This results in a brass case that is formed to fit your chamber of your rifle perfectly. This is something you can not buy anywhere. Now when that same case is trimmed to length and sized only at the neck, it will fit exactly in the chamber of your firearm with no wasted space. This means when the case is reloaded properly, the next time it is fired....all of the resulting energy from the ignition of the powder is channeled as to force the bullet through and out of the barrel of your firearm. And with this belong said, there is no longer any wasted energy in expanding the case because the case is already expanded perfectly for your firearm.

This section will contain many articles, tips and how to's on reloading, preparation and finishing the final product. As a re-loader myself, I have been producing ammunition for more than 30 years and have learned a lot during this process. I intend on sharing all that I have learned along with information from seasoned professionals and professional shooters and hunters.

Reloading is an ART. Once you begin you will quickly learn things that work for you personally and things that do not. When beginning this skill, always follow safe procedures and do not try to load and shoot "HOT" loads until you have gained the knowledge and experience necessary to adequately decipher, determine and calculate all factors involved to make the process safe and efficient.

On this page there are links to many more resources and materials.

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Reloading basics:

To begin reloading, the first step is the decision. Once made, then to start you will need the following equipment at a minimum.

  1. Reloading Press (These can be purchased as entire kits, and discussed in the first section below)
  2. Die set, with sizing and depriming dies
  3. Calipers, digital scales or similar measuring devices.
  4. Case trimmer
  5. Case gauge (can be optional, yet will improve process)
  6. Primer pocket cleaner
  7. Reloading Manual or similar
  8. Brass or Nickel Cases
  9. Powder
  10. Primers
  11. Bullets

With the above tools, one can start the reloading process and begin improving their own loads and finding what works best for the caliber they choose and the firearm they use.

The basic overall concept is to take a case that has been fired and begin reworking it. We will talk about each step in the process and as one gains experience they will find tricks and ways that work better for them and the order in which they prefer to do things as an individual.

To start with is to obtain the basic materials and tools to fully and efficiently reload their ammo.

The items and tools mentioned can be purchased individually or as a kit. Here are some basic setups that work well for the first time or beginning reloader: Complete Reloading kit Descriptions, pictures, specifications and approximate costs.

Check out the kits on this page, you can get your whole setup in one box.

These can save a lot of time and trouble and can be less costly sometimes. This page is very long but has excellent information.

Once your decision has been made on the type or types of equipment you want to work with and has been purchased and set up, then case preparation is the first physical step, and it's time to get the process started.


Case Descriptions & Types, Details & History

Case Choice and Case Preparation

My best advice to start with is to use new brass or use only brass you have personally fired from your firearm when beginning and learning this subject. This will make sizing and trimming simpler and easier until you have gained experience.

Brass Case

Brass is a commonly used case material because it is resistant to corrosion. A brass case head can be work-hardened to withstand the high pressures of cartridges, and allow for manipulation via extraction and ejection without tearing the metal. The neck and body portion of a brass case is easily annealed to make the case ductile enough to allow reforming so that it can be reloaded many times.


Everything you ever wanted to know about Brass & other cases

Reloading Manuals for Download

This download page contains many of the finest reloading manuals on the market. Also specific data for each caliber.

Reloading Equipment

This section contains user manuals, operating manuals and product manuals for all types of reloading equipment.

Reloading Tips & Articles

This section contains many helpful tips, hints and facts, and also articles on every aspect of reloading.


This page focuses on firearms and firearm choices. It has a vast amount of information about all of the firearms on the market.

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