Regional Survival

This section details the various regions or zones that would require differences in gear, skills and preparation.  These would include the regions or areas of the world that would have dramatic differences in climate, vegetation, wildlife and population density.  Each environment presents its own set of unique problems and difficulties one would have to overcome in order to ensure long term survival. The different regions are broken down by category and will provide as much data as possible in each individual section to provide the most beneficial information available.

Cold Weather

Regional Survival

Cold Weather Survival

This section covers the extremely harsh conditions one would face when attempting to survive in an Arctic Region. This type of environment produces unique challenges that would require specialized skills and gear.

Regional Survival

Desert Survival

This category details the various risks and dangers one would face in a desert survival situation. We will cover many different topics and go as in depth as possible on as many aspects of desert survival as possible.

Jungle Regions

Regional Survival

Jungle Survival

Being prepared to survive a Jungle Region would require a skill set that would benefit an individual or group in multiple environments. These skills, abilities and gear are discussed in detail in this category.

Regional Survival

Mountain Survival

A Mountainous Region will present many difficult obstacles and challenges that can make survival difficult, yet they also provide many resources and benefits that will assist in surviving. Many of which are discussed here in detail.

Swamp Marshland

Regional Survival

Swamp - Marsh Survival

This section will explore the harsh and formidable conditions that one could face in this type of environment. As hostile as it may seem, there is still much that nature has to offer here. This environment definitely requires certain types of abilities, skills, gear and instinct.

Urban Regions

Regional Survival

Urban Survival

Surviving in a heavily or even somewhat densely populated region will be extremely difficult in a true survival situation. Yet, with the proper mindset, gear, skills and the will to survive long term survival is definitely possible. This section discusses many methods that can help one prepare for a catastrophic event in an Urban Region.

Wilderness Forest

Regional Survival

Wilderness - Forest Survival

This section covers survival topics in a Wilderness or Forest Region. These areas have many challenges, yet provide many resources.

Knowledge to Survive…Skills to Thrive