People to avoid in the Apocalypse

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If you’re ever in a SHTF (shit hit the fan) or WROL (without rule of law) situation, there are certain types of people you’re going to want to stay away from.  You know that old saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” Well it doesn’t really apply here.  In an apocalypse scenario, you’ll want the bad guys as far away from you as possible.

The world is a dangerous place with laws and rules supposedly guiding our lives and leading us in the right direction. When these are gone, what will happen. Who can you trust?

Here are 5 Types of People to Avoid When SHTF

5. Unstable or Medicated People

People who need to constantly take medication in order to regulate their mental state are not safe to be around. What’s going to happen when those meds run out? You’ve probably seen someone change moods when they weren’t medicated. They could mean well but ultimately don’t have control over their mental state. Steer clear. (We are talking mentally ill people here, not the ones who can handle skipping anti-anxiety meds).

4. Drug Addicts

Drug addicts are worse than medicated people because they will do whatever it takes to get their next fix.  That includes turning on you. They will be dangerous from withdrawals as well.

3. Criminals and Gangs

Gangs and criminals don’t honor a gentleman’s bargain and will take what gear you have by force. Including family members. A gang might seem like they’d be good for protection, but it’s quite the opposite.

2. People Who Don’t Prep

These are the people who don’t even have a gallon of water stored if SHTF. They probably even make fun of you on Facebook for sharing articles like this. Leave them, they are dead weight and will do stupid things when they become desperate.

1. Government Agencies

Be leery of government agencies telling you to trust them and that everything will be OK. They might just need your resources to feed their own numbers.

Who are you staying away from when SHTF?


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