Firearms & Accessories


Firearms & Accessories

This section could be a site in itself. This is such a large and inclusive topic, yet we will cover the basics of each type of firearm and elaborate on many topics. This section also contains a section at the bottom of the page for links to available downloads on all types of firearm related information.

Firearm Topics

This section has links to multiple resources that range from everything to do with training all the way to selection and proper care and maintenance.

Firearm Manuals

This section contains operating,  service and product manuals on the majority of firearms currently in production. There are also some older manuals here for firearms that are not in production any longer.

Types of Firearms

This section will break down the different types of firearms and describe each type. With illustrated examples, and facts and stats. To help those who are unfamiliar to better understand the broad range of firearms that are on the market today.

Maintenance & Care

This section discusses the maintenance and care required to properly store and clean a firearm. This section talks about the different products available and the proper methods and procedures.


Ammo selection or reloading is an important part of owning and using a firearm.

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