Medical Aspects of Harsh Environments

Medical Aspects of Harsh Environments

This is the entire manual broken down chapter by chapter for easy reading and download. This is very in depth and informative. The sections on cold and hot weather are a wealth of knowledge and information.

Hot Environments


CH1: Intro to Heat Related Problems

CH2: Human Adaptation in Hot Environments

CH3: Physical Exercise in Hot Environments

CH4: Pyschological Aspects of Heat Environments

CH5: Pathophysiology of Heatstroke

CH6: Prevention of Heat Illness

CH7: Heat Illness

CH8: Heatstroke

CH9: Aspects of Ops in the Heat

Cold Environments

CH10: Effects of Cold on Warfare

CH11: Psychological Response to Cold Stress and Hypothermia

CH12: Psychological Performance in Cold Environments

CH13: Prevention of Cold Injuries

CH14: Clinical Aspects of Freezing Cold

CH15: Cold Injury

CH16: Accidental Hypothermia

CH17: Cold Water Immersions

CH18: Cold Environments

CH19: Section 3 Harsh Environments

CH20: Selected Military Ops in High Altitude

CH21: Adaption at High Altitude

CH22: Physical Performance

CH23: Cognitive Performance Mood & Issues at High Elevation

CH24: Acute Mountain Sickness and High Altitude Cerebral Edema

CH25: Pulmonary Edema High Altitude

CH26: Additional Mountain Medical

CH27: Mountain Environment

CH28: Special Environments

CH29: Shipboard

CH30: Diving Aspects

CH31: Diving Ops

CH32: Pressure Changes in Pilots

CH33: Accelaeration

CH34: Spaceflight

CH35: Motion Sickness

CH36: Protective Gear

CH37: Medical Support of Spec Ops

CH38: Training aspects of Special Operations Forces